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I haven't had any issues with them, as long as people know the mechanics. I think we're at a phase right now where most people don't have the best gear, and people come in to the instances thinking the mechanics are basically the same as the old story modes, but they aren't. I know I am still learning a few things about each one every time I go in. For everything that we at first experience thought, "crap, this is hard", we found out we were missing out on a mechanic.

Soon, the mechanics will be known by most, people will find all kinds of ways to skip things and make them easier, everyone will get better gear, and people will be flying through them just like the old hard modes.

I'm guessing the OP wasn't playing this game at launch. I remember wiping on HM Black Talon repeatedly, for months. HK-47 in False Emperor was a major dps race that wasn't easy to win for the average person.
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