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Sigh... It's hard to get mad at a well written, eloquent (is that redundant?) post. That said I can't really agree with the sentiment of enjoying face rolling... Just because or justifying it because, we went through it. In 2004 they (the Joint Commission) implemented a rule that resident physicians could only work 80 hrs per week and no more than 30 consecutive hours with no new patients the last 6. People were pissed. They were like we did it why can't they! I came in the middle of that... And I can tell you thank god for the limits.

The point is just because "we" did it, or went through it doesn't mean that's the way it should be. Wouldn't it have been more enjoyable for you in the beginning if yiu didn't get lol stomped? The biggest joy I get is when I play against a premade in a mostly pug and either win or give them a go of it. The only thing, IMHO, good about fighting lower/under geared players is that I got dailies/weeklies done faster.

I like the carrot at the end of the stick too. I just think the carrot should be non game changing, like better titles, better looking shells, weapons with cool affects, stuff like that. Then I can show up in a WZ with my sparkly gun and glowing helmet and they opponents will go "damn that guy has logged some pvp time". Hopefully at the end of the match they aren't thinking "dang all that pvp time and he still sucks!"
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