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Assuming completely mirror matchups (otherwise class matchup can be a much bigger factor) with equal gear, skill is what lets you win maybe 6 out of 10 or 3 out of 4 instead of just 1 out of 2 against your opponent.

It's because skill actually doesn't get you very much in this game that people need gear as a crutch. With EWH gear, WZ adrenal, and WZ medpack on my back I can comfortably win 9 out of 10 in some matchups. Now that the gear advantage is lessened it's only about 3 out of 4. It you take away my medpack and adrenal it's going to go even closer to 1 out of 2. This is supposed to be a good thing. I shouldn't be winning because I have better/more drugs than the enemy.
You don't have better/more drugs than the enemy. They have access to the same drugs as you. I didn't want this thread to turn into a skill vs gear debate. But i guess it was unavoidable. What you are saying reminds me of something alot of people used to tell me when I was in school, "I am really smart, I just don't study." Well guess what, if you don't study, you are not as smart as you think you are. Skill and preaparation for a WZ, i.e., acquiring gear and medpacs/adrenals, go hand in hand. I would argue that a skilled player that doesn't adequately prepare for a WZ is not as skilled as he thinks. Gearing and preparation and knowing your rotation and the weaknesses of other classes are all part of being skilled. The distinction between skill and gear is less clear than many of you think, in my opinion. That is not really what this thread is about. The means by which you acquire an advantage over lesser players is not the issue in this thread. The issue is that I think that advantage should exist, and should be determined by the time and effort a player puts into obtaining that advantage. Accordingly, that player should not feel bad when he takes advantage of that advantage (sorry if that was confusing).