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04.17.2013 , 12:47 PM | #23
Assuming completely mirror matchups (otherwise class matchup can be a much bigger factor) with equal gear, skill is what lets you win maybe 6 out of 10 or 3 out of 4 instead of just 1 out of 2 against your opponent.

It's because skill actually doesn't get you very much in this game that people need gear as a crutch. With EWH gear, WZ adrenal, and WZ medpack on my back I can comfortably win 9 out of 10 in some matchups. Now that the gear advantage is lessened it's only about 3 out of 4. It you take away my medpack and adrenal it's going to go even closer to 1 out of 2. This is supposed to be a good thing. I shouldn't be winning because I have better/more drugs than the enemy.