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This post has some glaring errors in it. When I started at launch... We started equally. And as time went on the gap got bigger. I didn't even realize how big it was till I rolled an Alt and was like wt*. It is not fun, or fair, to have new pvp players thrown into a match with not just a skill discrepancy but a a huge gear gap. I'm taking about a gap so large that regardless of your skill level you can't overcome it. I experienced that as well when I had to leave for a month or two for work...

You want no bolster, fine. Make it so that if your gear is above a certain level you can only que with similarly geared players. I guarantee you'll be on here in 1 week complaining of how long the que times are... While the "lower gear people" will be on here talking about how great pvp is now.

You earn your stripes by playing matches, not by getting better gear and beating on people who don't have a chance. I found no amusement in that. Awesome... There's the same poor kid trying to play the game.... 3-4 GCD later he's dead... Yea for me. That was hard. I pushed 4 buttons and burned through all his def cooldowns, I'm awesome. I beat this new kid... Who had 16k health. I'm the man. I'm so good at pvp.

Seriously? and btw, if you don't live at home with your parents or in a dorm, and have a career and a family you can't play 3 hours a day to get the best gear in a week. Does that mean you soul don't be able to play or contribute to pvp? I bet the majority of the subscribers fall into this group. BW is a business they need and should continue to cater to the majority of their clientele, not the overly vocal minority, who have egos to stroke.
First off, I understand what you are saying. I really do empathize with your post. I would also like to add that I work 50 hours per week, and have two children. So i had to go through the gear grind slowly like yourself, and I took my beatings in the beginning for a while. And i am not saying I like "beating on people who don't have a chance." If i did, I would have griefed people during the Gree event (I am on a PVE server, so open world PVP is limited, i.e., nonexistent, other than during the Gree event on Ilum). All I was saying was that when I am fighting someone in a WZ, and they go down quickly because my gear or skill far surpassed them because they just started PVP, I enjoy it sometimes. It makes me feel good to know that the time I spent increasing my gear and/or my skill was not for nothing. If it was always a fight down to the wire and evenly matched, I would feel like the gear hunt was for nothing. But that doesn't mean I don't like a fair fight. I LOVE it. I like a mix. And I think most probably feel the same way. But that is just my opinion, and an unsubstanitated presumption.