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But why? Wouldn't it feel better to go against people equally geared/skilled as yourself so that when you do come out on top you know that you ARE the better player. I never understood that in life or in games.

Why go after the easy target? Why not go after the harder target and feel better rewarded because you actually accomplished something other than picking on the weak, so to speak.

Either way, I'm ok with starting off being the guy being beat on because of my bad gear and turning it around once I get better gear. Really, I think people should know that until you get better at this game, or any game, you can expect to be stomped if you are in bad gear. If you have Bis gear after and still suck then you know it's not the gear and it's you instead.
Why? Because it provides me with a tangible reward for having put in my time to get the gear. Gear has to give you an edge. Otherwise, why try to acquire it? I don't like going after the easy target. Well honestly, I like a little of both. I love going against someone of equal skill and equal gear. I also love going against some players with good gear who are not as skilled to take them down a peg sometimes. But I also think I should be able to faceroll a SKILLED fresh 55 who hasn't taken the time to get the gear like I have. That is the carrot, and without it I wouldn't take the time to grind the gear. I am not sying there is any honor it it. I just don't think I should be ashamed of enjoying it. I went throught it, and it only made me want to get the gear more.

Also, when I am in a WZ, I don't take the time to find someone who is an "easy target." I go after opposing players based on strategy and what is going on in the WZ at the time. I don't do open workd PVP, b/c I am on a PVE server. During the Gree event in Ilum, I NEVER griefed lesser geared/skilled players. What I was saying is that when I faceroll someone in a WZ, and it is because they didn't have the gear that I did, I enjoy it. I didn't seek it out. But i enjoyed it because it makes me feel like the gear I worked hard to acquire was worth it.