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wow how stupid are you to say this

it is simple just go into pvp with pvp gear look at the people in pve gear with 10k more hit points and better stats and now they get expertise. The gear is not even balance and for you to say it shows how much you don't know. Expertise is there to balance pvp and pve gear but if you give it to both you lose that balance. Do the math and shut up if you can't understand this simple fact.
1st of all i havent insulted no one directly, it seems the carapace fitted you on my post.
I believe that you also dnt know how to read properlly, therefore you should go back to pre elimentary and read my post again without the rage present and actually read it word by word until you reach the 2nd paragraph where its stating your observations and the why that is happening (the +10k HP).
If you like i can also give you the links of BW posts, where they state what you should do or not, or better yet, if you do prefer, give me your account i can play the game for you as well or properlly config your gear, hows that?

Next time before posting do me a favour, READ posts until the end before making replys and save me the trouble of replying to your nonsense.
Since i have no will at all to reply back to a stoneage person, ill put you on my ignore list.
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