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12.21.2011 , 11:06 AM | #4
Name: Subject Alpha
Planet: Taris
Level: 21
Area: Brell Sediment
Location: -430,790 Easy with 16 people 20-22. Drops an AoE cloud that does damage over time and slows, keep people alive, move out of fire. Dropped 2 mods and pants of purple quality/level appropriate. We had wanted to try to pull him onto the land but the entire raid ran in anyway for the first pull and he went down without a problem. Clouds a bit tricky to see in the murky water so I'd suggest positioning on the land behind it. 1 tank 3 heals rest DPS. As usual immune to cc/stun/snare and his melee attack may also slow, should be held in one spot tank and spank style. Fight is extremely trivial.