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I'm just back (three weeks or so) from a long vacation from this game. I left with a 50 Sage and 50 trooper with whatever the PvP gear was called at the time (Battlemaster, Champion?) and it was fun, but stale.

Now I'm back with a level 55 Juggernaut that I just levelled since I returned. Once I hit 55, I noticed that with 2 pieces of Partisan gear and mostly BH gear, I get my face rolled, nearly every WZ. It's still fun, and I plan to continue trying to get a full set of Part gear, but I can see why it would be frustrating to a new 55, in greens.

The people I'm up against, usually have a full set of Part gear, with a few Conq pieces thrown in, and they DESTROY us without a challenge. Is that what you wanted to do, when you set out to obtain the best PvP gear? Make WZs so easy that they aren't a challenge? I, personally won't QQ about the way that it was. I enjoyed PvP before I left.

I still think the gear gap is pretty substantial, regardless of what Devs are saying (that it's down to 20%, from 75%)

Just my 2c
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