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The first of your comments I highlighted essentially answers this. The frustration that new players were experiencing was becoming detrimental to PVP as a whole. It was not frustration form L2P, learning curve, etc. It was from "unfair competitive advantage". Most matches were simply won before they were begun due to a gear advantage of one team over another. I have never played any PVP game that had given such an unfair advantage simply from gear.

We all like winning so it IS fun to stomp on others competitively sometimes. But is it really that you out played them?
Which brings me to your 2nd comment. If you like a competitive match then you should be a fan of the bolster system as it has produced some of the most competitive matches that I have seen. The fact that a new can come in and BE COMPETITIVE is good for PVP. It means we "veterans" cant rely on our "earned" gear but rather we are going to have to out play them. Maybe some might find out they are not as good as they thought they were when hiding behind a significant gear advantage.

I play PVP for the fun of putting my skill up against other players, not to play STAR WARS Barbie doll dress up. I agree it is fun to have something to work towards and it is fun to be "rewarded" with new gear. Was it fun to cut through opponents like butter and mop the floor with the other team? Sure it is at times. But if there is no real chance in loosing, there is no real thrill in victory! Something had to be done to bring the competitive balance back to PVP.

Should you feel "ashamed" for stomping noobs? Eh... Who knows.
But I for one gladly trade my gear advantage to compete on a more equal playing field.

Remember it is a game, frustrated new players who are not having fun means SWTOR dies a premature death.
So maybe in the end we have more to gain by balanced competition than we do flaunting our gear and rubbing noobs faces in the dirt.
It's like i said in my second post, I get that there needs to be a balance. And I really do enjoy a compettive WZ. To be honest, I like a mix. Sometimes I love a long WZ that goes down to the wire. The victory feels that much better. But I also like to be reminded that the gear I earned has placed me above the new players who haven't invested the time. At the same time, I also don't want to discourage those players from coming back. On one of the forums, someone threw out hypotheitcal statistics stating that the gear gap pre 2.0 was like 70%, and now, with the new bolster system, is around 20%. I guess i feel like I would rather it be a little higher, around 40% (to use theose hypothetical statistics as an analogy). Just my opinion. Because, remember, you can always take the time to close that gap.