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Props to the OP, couldnt agree more.

Ill be 100% ok with bolster when they add it to pve, but otherwise how fair is that? if hardcore PvErs can now walk into a WZ with no pvp gear and get good buffs, then why cant hardcore Pvpers with no PvE gear go run some of the hardest ops and hms? im all for a more even pvp, but some sort of gap needs to exsist (again doesnt have to be huge) or there is no real gear grind. This gap doesnt need to be as big as EWH vs. recruit was and i hope it isnt, but again if the pvp gear barely helps, why grind it. For any PvErs that disagree, id love to see bolster added to hms or ops and see how much fun your gear grind and experiences are. Then come back and talk about bolster, we will see where you stand
Forget hardest ops and FPS. Conqueror gear can barley get by in lvl 55 fps.