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I can appreciate that.

The problem though with a gear gap in PvP is if a new player comes in and plays a few rounds and just get rolled, they may get frustrated and they might not come back. I get the gear progression part too. Ideally I would like to see gear progression just mean customization of tertiary stats like crit, surge and power.

A suggestion I made to make gear progression and a smaller gear gap was to change how items are treated in WZ's. Basically the way I think bolster should work is to give everyone in a WZ equal main stat, end. and exp. The gear progression would be from buying mods that have tertiary stats like power crit and surge on them. They would also have exp. but the exp would only function as a flag.

In this system top tier PvE gear would only have the base crit and surge (+ talents/set bonuses + whatever crit you get from the main stat). PvP players would have their PvP mods that increase their other stats. So PvP players would have a clear advantage but it wouldn't be huge. Plus by making the mods the deciding factor in stats it would make it easier to tweak. It would much easier to change the values on the mods than it is to rework the current bolster system.
There is definitely a balance that has to be struck. I get that. In fact, that is the reason I stayed away from PVP in MMO's for so long. The learning curve was too frustrating for me. So I definitely understand that the gear gap needed to be softened. I just still think it should be significant. I guess everyone has their opinions about what that gap needs to be. My point was that there should not be such a negative stigma about BIS gear PVP players wanting to dominate fresh level 55's. That shouldn't have to be a naughty little secret. I would be willing to bet that alot of PVP players enjoy doing that more than they would admit. And they should. For many, that's the point of taking the time to gear up.