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I think you are vastly overestimating the size of 'EU Fans' as a proportion of 'Star Wars fans'.

I doubt Disney is worried about losing money if they say that Han's favorite color is orange when in Comic #84927 it clearly states his favorite color is blue. The vast majority of 'Star Wars fans' are most likely solely fans of the movies, who would have no idea what a 'Thrawn' is anyway.

And let's face it, people who are big enough fans of Star Wars to get that deeply into the EU are not going to boycott the movies just because it didn't take into account their favorite book/comic/character.
If the movies don't respect EU at all, I'll sign off my sw-fanatism and start being purely a fan of Timothy Zahn and nothing more. A few of my friends are probably gonna see it anyway, I'll ask them how bad it is, and if it's as bad as I'm afraid of, I'm not gonna watch it. It would ruin my sweet memories of the sw I used to love.

I'm not worried about small changes about how character x's favourite food is now different than in some book, I don't think anyone is. I'm worried about that they may rewrite the whole thing.