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Bolster is a fine idea. If you don't think so, it means you want to squash undergeared players like bugs instead of having competitive pvp.

Meanwhile, poorly implemented, buggy bolster is an unfortunate reality that Bioware is working to address, and threads like these take up space that could be better used by relevant feedback.

Can we please agree and move on?
This is just anouther f up by bioware. Bolster in lowbies is a great idea not at 55. I agree that they should have removed recruit gear and gave everyone a free set of battlemasters. It would have closed the gap difference. I was in battlemaster crushing elite warhero's so don't try and say that it would be an unfair gap. If you think your that undergeared with battlemaster vs. Elite wh then you need to learn how to play your class better and not say bioware is doing good because this set up is far from good. All this system does is give baddies a chance to not die in 3 seconds because they don't know how to use defensive cds
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