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Im sure everyone has read the Dev's Tracker post on why they changed bolster, and honestly its a stupid move.

The idea was that Recruit Vs Elite Warhero had a huge gear gap , which is true.

Recruit Stats are typically for a dps/healing

HP: 13-15k
Bonus Dmg: 300-400
Critical Chance (Buffed): 25%ish
Surge: 68%ish
Expertise: 1000+

and Elite Warhero Minmaxed for a typical dps/healing class

Bonus Dmg : 600-700+
Critical Chance (Buffed) : 28-35%
Surge : 76-80%
This created 1 problem

A Recuited geared team vs a War Hero/ Elite War Hero Team => Dead Recruits.
Partially due to the fact that someone in recruit gear has less experience in PvP.

Now comes Bolster, the solution to all our problems.(SUPPOSEDLY)

Anyone on the Public test server when it first launched can tell you that Bolster was horrid with 900k HP sins running around and 600K sentinels smashing people . That issue has been resolved

But we run into 3 More Issues that overlap with one another.

1) Naked Bolster and 2) Enhancement-Removal Bolster and 3 )Supercharged PvE gear in Warzones.

1) Naked Bolster needs no introduction , Strip naked and you can get 2k Expertise FREE

2) Enhancement-Removal Bolster is basically Removing Enhancements from your gear to give you better stats through the bolster system.

3) And lastly Supercharged PvE gear which im sure alot of PvPers are angry about , which is the fact that Underworld gear would rape in PvP and even more so when paired with the removal of enhancements for extra stats and expertise.

And thats not the worst part , the worst part about the new bolster system is that it KILLS Gear progression in PvP and gives no incentive for PvPers to progress their gear.

What they needed to do was to fix that 1 problem which was people in Best in Slot PvP gear have way better gear than the people who are just starting out in PvP.

And the solution is simple. Every Partisan piece is slightly worse than Conqueror Pieces . Just make another tier for FREE , Without Com/Credit cost and give it to EVERYONE and make it slightly worse than Partisan.

The real problem of Patch 1.7 was the when they removed Battlemaster from the equation instead of Recruit gear when they introduced Elite War Hero, they created a gap Resulting in

Elite War Hero(Veterans) > War Hero >>>> Recruit(Newbies)

when they should have thrown Recruit gear out the window and give everyone free Battlemaster and made it
Elite War Hero > War Hero > BattleMaster.

Do Everyone a favor and remove Bolster from Level 55 PvP.