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12.21.2011 , 11:01 AM | #7
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1. no you cannot boot and run windows from an external harddrive. so unless you have room on your local ssd to bootcamp, its a no go.

2. the MBA just isn't designed for gaming. its meant for on-the-go web and office work.
So even the i5 model has a mildly acceptable cpu but the graphics chip in thoseis not even close to usable for gaming.

honestly, for 950 pounds (about 1500 usd) you could build a WICKED gaming desktop pc and keep your current macbook air for its mobility and websurfing and all that fun mac stuff.

Thats what i did... sold my Macbook Pro to build a gaming desktop and bought an iPad.


I built a new Gaming PC (strictly for this, BF3 and WoW) for around $1500US back in October. The Air that I have is used for web surfing/email/etc.

Ultimately just get a PC for PC gaming. While mac's can technically play alot via bootcamp, it just isn't worth it over the long haul (you can't upgrade your iMac's video card for example).