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04.17.2013 , 02:11 AM | #18
i've seen this only at low levels..and it becomes an issue only when, if you queue as healer in dps spec ,you'll lack of key abilities. in HM i've just seen healers coming in as dds( happened to me on my op, because i had an update on the roles while replacing a kicked guy..) and they are not so bad...
i'd suggest everyone to try to heal, cause it's fun and if you know that role you'll learn something about a key mechanic of the's important to know the other roles imo.
tanking is a bit different..i've healed some dps playing that role, specially in planetary heroics, and some classes do it better than others(shadows/sins, PT/vanguards) but the differences in the gear do not admit it quite well on HM unless the guy is overgeared with a lot of hps..

p.s. the PEWPEWPEW is really nice and makes you feel kind of loved by your healer while tanking :-)