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That's what the PTS IS for, small player base or not there is no excuse for this, ESPECIALLY when practically the same bug was on the PTS that was fixed on the PTS. You can white knight and defend BW all you want, but this massive change to bolster should of been tested much longer, and once, just once, BW should LISTEN to the people who test the damn game on the PTS.
Well, when nobody is bothering to test on the PTS, there aint much point in keeping it up for testing, is there? Talked to a few from my server, who was in the queue during EU prime time for 2-3 hours without a pop. Do tell me good sir, how should they test it? Do you expect their internal QA department to never let a single bug slide through? We players can affect a huge chunk of their bug-resolving, but not when nobody can be bothered to test. Personally, I wasnt on the PTS. Despite several small (and a few bigger) issues with lots of things I care about (pvp, Makeb, operative roll etc), I voided my right to complain about their buggy release when I decided not to waste my precious time testing. They did also fix a lot of the issues from the PTS, and they explained very thorougly why they decided to launch it as-is.

Would you have been ok if they had launched everything for the game (pve-wise), but kept pvp-content (balancing, brackets etc) as they were pre-2.0? I'm pretty sure you wouldnt, and you would all be crying 'ZOMG Y U DO DIS BW FIX PVP IM GETTING OWNED BY 55s IN CONQ MY EWH GEAR COUNTS FOR NOTHING Q_Q'. (When I say you, I dont specifically mean the person I quoted, I mean the general 'You').

Ah, the tears of gear>skill people. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

TL;DR: BW are doing their own tests, but bugs tend to slide through. Stuff happens. Get over it.

Edit: Im not sure why I bothered replying to this Q_Q thread, probably to back up Jeeses. He's not alone, he's just part of the vocal minority, while trolls and whiners (yes that's you kids) are often in the vocal majority.