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And before you go on about how thats what the PTR is for etc etc and how your a paid sub blah blah blah:

Swtor has a relatively small player base, nothing compared to say WoW (omg i mentioned it.) We can't expect Devs to look at every single possibility in a PTR because the number of people on them would be so minimal in comparison to a PTR on a game of a much larger scale. So unfortunately because we are a smaller game things will always be pushed into live faster and dealt with if/when errors occur.
That's what the PTS IS for, small player base or not there is no excuse for this, ESPECIALLY when practically the same bug was on the PTS that was fixed on the PTS. You can white knight and defend BW all you want, but this massive change to bolster should of been tested much longer, and once, just once, BW should LISTEN to the people who test the damn game on the PTS.