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First of all I have always loved Trickshot and was excited to see I will be able to use it more often. I will miss Cheap Shot but mostly for the animation. The new roll seems almost useless but I am sure I will learn to make use of it. My biggest question is about the new gear system. I have always tried to maintain accuracy probably more than usual. It always seemed like the best minor stat to stack for someone who wished to do as much damage as possible. I was surprised to see a post by a developer saying that accuracy will matter in 2.0 considering none of the basic gear actually has accuracy in it. I did not look closely at the Elite or Ultimate Gear however a glance showed none there either. So why if it so important is it not in the end game gear? Every piece of basic gear removes accuracy. I am sure this is intentional I would just like to understand in order to make my gunslinger more effective. If not accuracy does anyone suggest another stat such as surge or crit chance?
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