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bolster is here to stay by the looks of it. It is a good system, which needs to be played around with.

Pvp should be about how good a player is at their role, not how pretty their pixels are.
Bolster is making this happen, however it is definitely a work in progress.

PvE > PvP needs to be address urgently.

They clearly weren't ready at release of 2.0, however 16/4 patch made a improvement to the system so looks like its on its way up. Give it some time before you cry that its broken and demand it be removed.

How do you think anything would ever get better if devs didn't try something and then play with it over time....? Ever heard of trial and error?
ROFL!! Dude have you ever heard about test center? That's where they do the tests. But SWTOR PvP is already dumbed down to the ground, to the worst PvE players level no more bolster needed, those people are hopeless.