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They have messed up big time with PVP from the start - imo its not getting better its getting worse!

They've confirmed that they're trying to reduce the gear dependency of PvP, making it less about who is 100% decked out (should theoretically be better due to time spent earning) and more about who is actually better, they're keeping gear progression alive but reducing the gap between no gear and each set beyond what we have now.

Yes the issue with not being ready was BW/EA. However how do you suggest they properly test a game when there are barely any playing the game as is let alone on a PTR when anything done isn't at all beneficial?

Have they not trialled the bolster by releasing it in 2.0, and then adjusted it based on the errors attached (naked bolster.) they've already fixed one problem with it so where is your reasoning to suggest that they would not be already working to release additional adjustments to further improve it.

I stated that the posts above me were narrow minded because they are, simple as that. I wasn't using it as a way to boost my argument, its just a fact that they are narrow minded. Demanding something be totally removed before there is even a chance to test it on a real scale let alone make any further improvements screams narrow mindedness, I challenge anyone to argue that. Change is scary guys.