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04.16.2013 , 08:03 PM | #25
These changes are a good start and a definite improvement over 1.x, but there are still some problems, particularly with the value of Alacrity.

For Dirty Fighting spec, the rotation is limited by the 9s cooldown of Wounding Shots. Unless my math is incorrect, it's not possible to stack enough Alacrity to gain an extra GCD every 9s (16.67% haste required) while still having enough Accuracy to be hit capped. Therefore, ANY amount of Alacrity is completely wasted. Worse still, there is no decent talent choice in the first tier of the tree, so Dirty Fighting Smugglers have no choice but to take one of two useless talents that provide no PvE benefit: Black Market Mods or Holdout Defense.

Marksmanship spec has a similar problem, although it's not quite as bad. Stacking 5% Alacrity will allow an extra GCD between each use of Speed Shot and Aimed Shot (12s cooldown), so it does provide a dps benefit up to that amount. Unfortunately, it's not possible to gain two extra GCDs every 12s, so any Alacrity beyond 5% is wasted.