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Dear god they whine! The very first thing that occurs in WZ is everyone rushing my damn sniper! There is 2\3 healers in front of me and everyone ignores em and comes after my sniper.
Indeed, am rolling a merc at the moment, and every wz I mark snipers and informthe group to burn them up first, then healers- why u may ask? because a sniper under pressure isn't dpsing hes' running. I have a gunslinger at 50 have had once as my second character while I was waiting transfer from harbinger to apac way back last year, love the class- however back then u didn't see many of us cos they wernt the easiest to play.

Now any tom,dick or harry can roll up and faceroll, esp with these new abilities, that I can understand why they would be implemented; but I question why the added So many new escapes.
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