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Hmm well apparently the whole SWTOR gaming community complaining about the weekly cap doesn't matter- or for that matter the customer satisfaction of anyone involved with SWTOR. The Weekly Cap is still in effect, after the fact that a senior designer has sated in this thread that it will be removed in an upcoming update.
1. It is certainly not the "whole" SWTOR community complaining. Not even close.

2. Then you elevate it to encompass "anyone" involved with SWTOR. Wow. Get real.

3. Maybe, just maybe, making a technical change to the game actually takes time, given things like a client-server infrastructure, patch delivery, internal change management, etc, etc.

Seriously, get a perspective check. They've said they're going to remove the weekly cap, and they will. You can survive another week. You can survive several more weeks quite easily, in fact.

When people treat minor issues this way you begin to see why developers are reluctant to interface with their community or try to improve their game.
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