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04.16.2013 , 05:02 PM | #8
Hi guys! I thought about your advice and tried tanking Red Reaper today, and it was a lot more manageable than I had ever seen it. Here's what I did:

  • Tell the group to stay back and let you bring the Purifiers over. This first group of 4 can be killed without triggering more if you stay behind the barricades.
  • Then, tell your group to wait by the shuttle. Trigger the 6 in the hallway, then run yourself back to the shuttle. The 6 rushing in will be aggro'd at you, but then the friendly NPCs will attack and pull them off (since no one else has done anything yet). Now you can kill them in small groups of 1-2 by pulling them off the friendlies bit by bit.

  • Ideally, just run through to the elevator. Nothing will attack you. Stay away from friendly NPCs because the Purifiers' Ion Cell will arc to you if you get too close and put you in combat.
  • But if you have a Marauder/Sentinel that HAS to jump to everything he sees (You always do, right?), then be very careful because aggro is unpredictable here and stuff will pick up Healer threat you wouldn't expect. Watch your healer like a hawk until everything is dead.

After that it was all totally manageable. Some rough pulls if you don't plan a little (STOP JUMPING ON STUFF, YOU STUPID MARAUDER, I HATE YOU), but nothing that can't be toughed out with cooldowns and a good healer.