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to be honest, if you are only pulling 370k damage in a drawn out civil war, youre either guarding or youre bad.

i was pulling 500-700k damage frequently on my 40s commando, without Demo Round or Tech Override.

on PTS i was doing even more damage, including 1 game where i broke 1mil (granted it was in Assault spec before the nerf, but the damage output was similar).

our survivability is up. a lot. our mobility is up. a lot. our group utiltiy is up (off-healing is way easier now).
i think people are really underestimating the change to our armor debuff. before this, it was almost impossible to get the full armor break on a target b/c they notice us after the first tracer missile and then interrupted the proceeding one. now they dont get that option; we only need 1. its much harder for enemies to break up our rotation reliably.
youre talking as if you never get focused in your warzones, which means you are going against people who tunnel or you arent well known on your server.

I get two three people up the butt anytime I try to get close to the objective (Node, door, BC) So I spend alot of time off healing myself and running around corners and not pumping out dps

I just got done doing one of those type of warzones and I pulled out 370k dmg, the only person to do more then me was a sniper he did 480k.

On a warzone where I can sit there in one spot and have zero down time in damage I can push 900k but I average out around 680k.

I still find arsenal as a plant your feet and pew pew and lot of people run out of range during mid cast, but if I get any closer I get jumped on so its a very positional way to play.

Also are we going to push for as much alacity as possible?