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It is possible. One thing I'll say about swtor is you can tell the parts that have had the heart of the writers put into them, and the bits that where used to pad out the gameplay. Eternity Vault is one of the best story pieces in the game imho and proves you don't need individual class stories to make the story element interesting. Karaggas Palace is still really cool and the dialogue the bosses have between each other is really cool too.

FPs like mandalorian raiders and cademimu are really (my opinion of course) meh and I can't get through those suckers fast enough. It's just a shame to me that there are new players that level up to 55 that will probably now miss those 2 ops because they're not as easily accessible without being in a guild.

For those that say just get in a guild, some of us like to be loners . I have a different guild for every alt but I like doing things by my schedule not theirs