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04.16.2013 , 02:32 PM | #997
I admit that I haven't read enough yet to fully understand the impact of the PvP gear changes. However, my perception is that 2.0 has just taken a big, steaming dump on me and my PvP bretheren.

I get that we want a system that shouldn't scare newcomers away; recruit gear and the periodic price downshift of battlemaster, war hero, etc. ensured that new players could get over the gear hump with a modest effort. What I don't get is that for existing pvpers WH and EWH has been taken away from us. I get that you want a new and better system with new gear. But ffs find a way to "grandfather" in exisiting players who earned what they have!

In the past, at least you could keep and use obsolete pvp gear; I saved all my BM mods for a future toon's pvp headstart. Now, it seems like my EWH will be useless in 55 pvp with no expertise stats.

Over time it has been clear that BW favors pve over pvp. Making the next operation or whatever has been boasted about in favor of even giving us back a basic open pvp rewards system on Illum. That's fine. But now we need to put everyone who stuck with the WZ system back at square 1? I don't get it.

If you want to make a new pvp system to better allow general players to compete that's fine but don't crap all over the current pvpers in the process by not respecting their efforts and achievements.