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04.16.2013 , 02:31 PM | #996
The pvp changes are bunk, the devs are bunk this game will die soon becuase all the hardwortk and hours to gear up have become pointless, the story line is idiotic and not a continuance of the class story lines at all. STOP LYING TO YOUR PLAYERS, we pay money hard earned money to not get jerked around by some ******* in a cubical writing code to piss off the very people who provide them a paycheck. Its freaking woderfull to have an invised rog stun me and then kill me before the stun timer wears off. Its even better to have some idiot in armor 14 levels lower than me snipe and one hit me in pvp.
This game has become a fn joke!
You idiot devs better start giving a damn about your players fix the broken crap first and then work on what new releases you want. Damn why did city of heroes have to die!