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Increase the dps to the concealment operative so they are viable on raids.

The guild I am in does not want me to run raids as a stealth operative; they say I don't and won't put out the needed dps for raids. I don't want to play Sniper. I also don't want the Lethality tree. I got stuck on a pvp server when I moved with my guild.

This is their quote :

"Not to cut on Ops but since they are considered a melee class and are not doing as well as others, such as Maras, PowerTechs, Jugs, or Assassins, an Op DPS that does well will still have a harder time making a raid especially an 8man because a leader will typically want 2-3 range and 1-2 melee. The melee that will be chosen will usually be Mara first for Blood Thirst Utility and then Assassins and PTs for off tanking abilities and then finally a Op."

"I just want to see you get more time in the raids. In 2.0 the sniper will be the best DPS class as far as we can tell"

"This message is to not sway your decision or force you to change your main, but to offer some insight that this change could be more beneficial for you since we are heavy on melee DPS and Ops will likely not beat out most of the other classes."
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