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Almost every Merc healer I get while tanking is excellent at their job (except that one in Pyro spec with High Velocity Gas Cylinder on). They are also my favorite healer because they constantly shoot green stuff at me. PEWPEWPEW! PEWPEWPEW! PEWPEWPEW! Ha ha ha I ♥ them.

Anyway as far as my Healer class in Group Finder FPs, I usually see (hand-waving made-up rough guess pie chart here):
Sorcerer 75%
Merc 15%
Op 10%

So, I have to disagree with you. Mercs, start queueing as healers! I'm tired of having silly bubbles around me every FP. I want more PEWPEWPEW.
I think you're missing the point as well for lack of reading my post before responding. i never said merc is a bad healing class and sucks at healing. But if you want to get on the side of queueing for a role you aren't going to play then ok....

If someone chooses to play a dps i'm so sorry their queue times are longer, that's their choice. That doesn't make it ok to queue as a healer when you are not going to heal just to get quicker queue times because that's f-ing things up for people who do actually intend to heal. And as of yet I have not once been in a flashpoint with a merc who actually healed, if they do then by all means queue as a healer.