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Seriously, can you just call them and stop posting everywhere on the forums complaining about the same thing? There's a number posted for a reason -- this is something that is happening solely to you at this point in time, and no one on the forums can or will fix anything.

Calling CS is your only option -- AND the best option.
He is not the only one this is happening to. I had the same issue this morning. The emails don't send out in time. The time limit on the password runs out. Took me three tries and 15 min (not as long as him but still) to get logged in. Many others are talking about it in game and they say that they have stopped coming to the forums because they simply can't log in. So, that's why you're not hearing this from more players.

Really, this "One Time Password" is just forcing us to use a security key without having a security key and it doesn't work properly. It needs to be fixed.

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