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Has anyone else knowticed that they are not getting achievements or Codex entrees when you kill certain bosses in the various flashpoints? I have bugged in pre 2.0 (example Revan hard mode) and after 2.0 (example Revan hard mode) once again. Both times I was given this will be forwarded to the development team. But now that the game keeps track of how many times you kill this and having yet to get it once no matter how many times I've done it. I just did Kaon under Siege now and did not get credit for 2 of the three bosses but got credit for Commandre Lk'graagth.

It's frustrating because I know there are other codex entrees that I know I did but never got credit for and again bugging it or writing a report in game didn't help alleviate those issues's. Just seems like the game hates me in that it will show me get a codex or achievement but then never flag it in my actual account and some of them you can never do again.
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