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I give up. I'd expect someone who is claiming world firsts to want to better themselves and listen rather than banging their head into the ground. Apparently not. Have fun with your misinformation.
As a new vanguard with slight aspirations towards tanking all of your information was very well put (whether or not it is true, it was clear, well argued and presented quite nicely even for a newbie like myself).

There was definitely more info than i needed but it was interesting none the less and I'm guessing outdated as even i can see the tanking changes with the most recent skill tree and skill changes will really add to certain flaws of the VG I myself found.

Oops but none the less after the 3rd post of the person that you were arguing with, I stopped reading his/her posts and not just because his English was making me cry (don't give me 'it's not my first language defence' there's a freaking spellchecker built into most browsers); but because his overall attitude and demeanor reflects that he is unwilling to consider not being correct himself and due to that will miss out on opportunities to better understand or improve himself (I'm not so esoteric as to relate this to real life as everyone acts differently over the internet as the iron wall of anonymity protects us all).

Rant over and thankyou again for the info