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The weekly cap on Classic Commendations will be removed in an upcoming patch.

Incidentally, there is currently a bug that causes the game to warn you that you've exceeded your weekly cap even when you are at 0 in your weekly progress (it's erroneously looking at your total commendations). Make sure you check the actual weekly progress value displayed in your currency tab.

Thanks for that update Jesse

While this is a step in the right direction can you tell us what is happening with the Operations to get these comms.

I was very sad to see at 55 I cannot do EV KP or EC operations via group finder, please say this is going to be addressed as if you unlock these limits (which then means we can equip companions) we still can't do operations unless by pug's

Group finder is a great addition however why limit the access to 50 Ops, surely that is removing easy access content to small guilds like I run