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04.16.2013 , 03:52 AM | #8
I have a few questions.

After 2.0, my defensive stats dropped sharply. From like 30% defense and 48something shield and absorb, I'm down on like 16% defense and not even 30 shield and absorb. Is that normal for all tanks, did healers get some buffs, or am I just doing something wrong? My healer on Cademimu last night seemed to be struggling to keep me alive in tougher pulls, but we managed to clear the flashpoint easily. I'm not the fastest to grab top gear in the game, so I am now kinda afraid that I'll not be able to run HM flashpoints with not-so-pro healers (that's no offense to them, this one was just a pro) before I get at least full rank69 gear. I honestly don't believe that rank66's, or even the 69's are gonna pull me back to the real "tank" feeling.
TLDR for this paragraph: With new stat balance, I don't feel wuite as tanky as I used to. Is that okay?

I have 4 campaing armorings with the set bonus. Is it better to keep these until I get better set armorings, or should I just replace them by better ones, destroying the set bonus? (I feel like the 20% on Blade Barrier is pretty useful)

Another question regarding gearing. In this KeyboardNinja's thread, I see what stats I'm aiming for. Since I am mostly heavily confused in regards of modifications, I'd like to ask if there are any general tips on getting stats proficiently, like what stat is best to be getting from what mod, what kind of mods should I avoid overally and what stat is best to get through augments.

What relics should I wear? I guess my Matrix Cube isn't cool anymore, and my other one is Shrouded Crusader - the clicky shield and absorb. What relics do you use?

I've also noticed that absorb adrenals changed. The post-50 are +shield and +absorb instead of +armor rating. Which one should I use?

I'm sorry these questions aren't really guardian-related, but I didn't want to make another topic (it would probably be you answering it anyways) or join the proffessional discussions in tanking forums.