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Quote: Originally Posted by Atramar View Post
I think it's to encourage playing alts and different aspects of game.
maxed comms? go pvp.
dont like pvp? go alts.
dont have alts? go space missions.
(I am not telling you what to do, nor I'm justifying BIO/EA actions, I'm looking for possible reasons behind it)
Excuse me but I choose which characters I play, and I choose what/where/how I play - not BioWare. If I want to run Flashpoints all day, every day, for a week, I'll bloody well do it thanks.

This weekly cap is stupid, since I already hit the limit on day 1 of the patch, and I have to wait a week to get more (which I'll again hit the limit on the first day after reset).

What do I do for the remaining 6 days? I can't farm comms to get the gear set I'm aiming for, and I can't move on to farming higher gear sets until I have a decent one to begin with.

Hurr durr, no logic in the weekly cap at all.

GG wp, BioWare.