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Just though I'd add a few things not said yet.

According to Swtor-Spy, Markus Thul (Alderaan - Persons of Note) is a Trooper-only entry that is currently unobtainable. My Commando has 3 codex entries listed as obtainable, but I have only been able to find Captain Cormac.

There are four entries on Tython available for Jedi, marked as available to everyone, but unavailable to Troopers and Smugglers: Satele Shan (Persons of Note), Twi'lek Pilgrims (Organizations), and Zabrak and Flesh Raider (both Species). Terentatek (Beastiary) is the only one unavailable for anyone.

On Ord Mantell, Kel Dor and Mon Calamari (both species) are the only entries unavailable to anyone, everything else is obtainable by at least Troopers and Smugglers.

Also, I'm not sure if the Achievement: Epic Enemies section is working anymore, as I killed Darth Severin, Darth Malgus, Commander Lk'Graagth, and Doctor Lorrick in their respective Flashpoints but have not gotten the codex entries for them.