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First character I chose a Shadow because they can tank and stealth, and I never played either sort of class in other games. I also make a habit of rolling DPS for my first character in any game, on the theory that they're faster, cheaper, and easier to level most of the time.

Then I rolled a Scoundrel because I usually have a healer as my main, and the HoT based healing + bag of tricks type toolset had a faint resemblance to the Fixer in Anarchy Online. I also leveled this toon on nothing but FPs and class quests, and I had a lot more fun than I did solo leveling the Shadow.

Next was a Sorcerer because I wanted to try a cast healer and to see if the DoT DPS spec was really any better for the Sorc/Sage compared with the Shadow's rather sad showings on sustained DPS. I also wanted something with a ranged DPS option since I had only done melee to that point.

Next was a Vanguard because I wanted to learn to tank, and I wanted to try a tank that was less fiddly and more reliable than the Shadow. Again I leveled this on on FPs and class quests, and it worked out very nicely. I am not as good a tank as a healer, but this toon became my new main anyway.

Most recently I blitzed a Guardian to 50 during the double XP weekends, just to unlock all her companions for crafting. I also wanted to try out the "other" tank. I'm not all that thrilled with her, so I may or may not get around to leveling her to 55 (well, eventually I will, but maybe not soon).

My current leveler is a Bounty Hunter, because I wanted a tank on the Sith side. I had some delusions of leveling her on PvP only, and Powertech/Pyro is supposed to be a good noob spec for that; but that has not come to pass yet.