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I wanted a jedi, that was without a question. In KotOR I always played sentinel, I like the middle ground style. Who uses it's head, not only for headbutts, but not the wise and "in a way passive" sage type.
When I first learned of the Shadow, I immediately knew that this is my class. It was years before release, and followed the class informations, with the firm knowledge that it's my class.
And tried it in beta, like what I seen, started the character in early access, and it's still my main. I just LOVE the stealth, that I don't have to fight my way through all those mobs, just sneak in, do the job, sneak out, nobody seen anything

But I have to admit, I'm not entirely satified, and seriously have doubts of the class now. The Balance Shadow I play, was always a dotter and not a real melee, but after the exp. it's even more less melee character than it was. And I have to say, feeling stupid standing next to the opponent and waving hand every few sec, refreshing a dot, and ocassionally hit a double strike. Tried Infiltrator, didn't like it. Right now the shadow combat gameplay is just not fun for me. I'm not talking about the numbers and dps, just the feeling of the class itself.
But the stealth... thats priceless
"Many weapons can kill, but only the lightsaber can inspire such extremes of hope or fear."