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Haven't tanked at 55 yet but have healed and DPSed quite a bit. Tanks are definitely having threat issues on trash and initial pull but it isn't unmanageable at this point. What's been the most unsettling has been the massive amounts of healer aggro. If I'm not careful (as a healer) I can wipe the group. It's really pretty absurd.
It's not quite that bad. I've been doing a lot of level 55 tanking on my shadow, and while I do absolutely have to work a lot harder to make sure everything is managed and rounded up, I don't think it's really a problem. The issues I've seen have been more due to lower gear levels than anything else (everything takes longer to die and players take more damage due to the across-the-board stat nerfs). I didn't have any trouble holding agro off of healers when I was focused on doing so, and holding agro off of DPS is easier than ever due to the significant threat buffs that all tanks received.

Basically, I think what we're seeing now is that tanks have to work harder than they might be used to on account of gear levels. It's absolutely possible to manage and control things as tightly as we used to though, which is reassuring.
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