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Well a lot of Jedi were killed too, and some really messed with. BH took out a few of them, so did the Agent. You kill both of Ashara's masters on Taris when getting her. And Taris may be a bigger win than some realize. Remember the Warrior storyline? That special chemical compound that can only be derived from Taris? The one that can make your blaster rifle as powerful as a Turbo Laser. Yeah, that would be nifty.

Also, the Republic has wasted a lot of resources and potential super-weapons. The Empire went through a couple of them because of Jedi and Trooper class stories, but still have a good one with the Silencer. Corellia is a loss for both sides. The Jedi had to commit any army of their members to take it back, and some of them turned out to be helping the Empire too. Which further leads the Republic to distrust the Jedi, since a traitor or Sith could be amongst them at any time and no one would know..

As for Balmorra, well...that was a hard win for the Republic. They had to put in a tremendous force to take it back and would've been screwed royally were it not for the four main classes coming in to do all the heavy lifting for them.

The Star Cabal was screwing both sides and was gonna try and take over the Galaxy til the Agent put'em all down. Doing that also shut down many influential leaders throughout the galaxy who were part of the Cabal and now a lot of worlds are confused and leaderless, including the Twi'leks on Tython. And let's not forget how the Republic messed with the Cathar on Belsavis. Imprisoning their prince and his followers for not joining in the "Hate the Empire!" chorus. Which I suspect leads many of the Cathar to join the Empire soon, despite the events on Taris.

The planet was a toxic dump and the Republic was pouring trillions of credits into trying to rebuild it. Not only did their efforts fail, but they ended up leaving all those Cathar and Nikto and others stuck there, fighting for their lives and homes against both the Empire and Rakghouls, only to be wiped out because the Republic said; "Don't worry! We'll protect you!...but first you need to work for us, build things, grow crops...construct weapons of mass destruction behind closed doors."

Malgus wasn't entirely wrong. The Empire needs the support of other species in order to grow strong and survive. The way he went about doing it only further damaged the Empire. And one thing though. While Imperial Intelligence may be officially disbanded, all of its members, officers and agents are being incorporated into the Imperial Military. So for now they just can't work as they normally could. And with the Agent free to move about, that can spell a lot of trouble for the Republic. The Agent knows everything about the Star Cabal. Its members, whose helped them, every deal, every place, every dirty deed and play they've made for ages, all within the Agent's hands. That information alone could cause the Republic to collapse if used properly.
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