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You forgot to mention the part were we lost nine, yes nine Dark Council members in the space of a few years. I'm talking Darth Thanaton, Acharon, Jadus, Vengean, Baras, Arho, Decimus, Hadra, and Karrid. And that's not counting whatever happened to Zhorrid and Baras' sister. Oh and you may as well add Malgus and Serevin to the pile to, who were as good as - oh and why not throw Gravus and Lachris in there too. Its not fair!
You forgot to mention that some, if not all, of those losses were unnecessary, since they occurred due to Sith infighting, which is something you do not see among the Jedi or Republic Military. You may see the SiS and Special Forces exchanging punches but not trying to obliterate one another systematically.