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04.14.2013 , 11:27 PM | #43
It is nice that they are removing the weekly cap for classic (200), so now I'll just gear out my companions easier. I was capped on Classic coms on the 1st day and that was not even touching my supply of unclaimed raid gear (24 pieces) of that. Been capped on Basic (300) commendations by day two and just another 42 commendations to cap out elite (200) for the week. I definately never going to hit the ultimate cap tho.

Definately can't count how many commendations I have lost because of hitting the low weekly cap numbers, but its one way to either force peopel to do alternatte characters or slow them down on there mains (wont happen). But it will eventually start making the group finder ques longer for the people that don't seem ot play healers or tanks.
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