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My only hope, it shows Luke skywalker as the Grand master during the times inbetween ROTJ and The Vong era.

I really hope they don't dump on the EU of that time.

Thrawn series, X-Wing series, I Jedi, Corellia duology.

Please Disney, don't destroy it! YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE!!
I doubt they would do that, this isn't really DC/Marvel where they overhaul every decade or so. Its also one big universe(compared to the other companies which have like....thousands of different universes...barring aside the 3 N-canon SW stories), I mean removing a big chunk of the EU just to stick the movies would be kinda a bad thing. Now they could, do it in a way where the movies touch upon a timeframe where were gaps in time that could be expanded on.
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