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Ha ha gratz OP !!!

I was kind of in the same boat or almost, like a few weeks ago. I could only complete Lorta/Hypori, New Cov/Kanz and Regnant/far Craddle, and even then it took me a while to learn them.

But really I was at a point I thought I'd never ever be able to finish the last 3... Eventually I did persevere, after a week break, and tried to see where I'd have to place the EWP and EMP, and most of the time, for those 3 missions there are "mandatory" moments... I mean : right off the bat using both EWP and EMP during Baros/Duma ? After I tried that it went sooooooo much smoothly ha ha !!!

Now am happily doing all 6 with 6 different toons (lol) and really enjoying them... Funnily the one that I completed 4th (with all the bombers, Ardis/Kabal is it ?) thinking I could never ever complete the 5th (Baros/Duma) and 6th (Thanium/Cha Rabaa), at the time, is now the one am still failing here and there.
(oh lol : this morning I failed Lorta twice btw...)

Also I can't use the WASD thing because am on a a keyboard that isn't setup like english keyboards...
So for me it's only mouse and space bar for movement.

About what Kitru said earlier about the barrel roll, while am at it :

It does do something, it's just a little lateral speed boost, kinda like the WASD moves except it doesn't place you back when you release the key : hope it makes sense.
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