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04.12.2013 , 09:41 PM | #1
I know your all on your high hourses atm with the new patch at all but in a few weeks or something could you please take a look at what you have done to the VG/PT dps class? you guys have made pvp all about burst and thats fine but you have taken all our burst away, don't get be worng vanguards will still pull good numbers but you have taken away our precision burst thats what made our class playable. Our class cant 1v1 any other class we have super low survivability as far as utility goes i understand you gave us hold the line but none of that really matters if our TTK is so slow while commandos, shadows, and snipers, are killing people in 3 to 4 gcds.. My vanguard is my main as with many other people we are not all just FOTM players that rolled vgs/pts a few months back to fallow the fotm trend some of us have played our VGs/PTs since launch and held high positions in rated pvp teams and pvp circles around the servers... i hope you guys atleast think about looking at this problem becasue as things stand right now our class has been gutted and we are worthless in pvp.

-thank you
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