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The weekly cap on Classic Commendations will be removed in an upcoming patch.

Incidentally, there is currently a bug that causes the game to warn you that you've exceeded your weekly cap even when you are at 0 in your weekly progress (it's erroneously looking at your total commendations). Make sure you check the actual weekly progress value displayed in your currency tab.

Ahhh, thank you very, very much. Hopefully the cap on the Basics and other elder game comms will be removed as well or it will be pointless, as all the people here on my thread will be level 50+ and mostly 55 and will be collecting up basic's, ultimate's and elite's. However that is good news, even if you play many alts. I reached the cap in one day on my sentinel, if i had alts I'd have reached the weekly limit on those as well. I do help manage a guild and many of the people that help me run it have not run into the cap, because they are helping other guildies. In this manner I guess the cap is effective- most people don't run around helping guildies though.