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Errr, hmm, the TLDR version says changes are right now, yet if it is actually read, it would appear the changes will be made on Tuesday during maintenance.

Does this mean I have PvP with pants on when I log on tonight?
No. You can wear whatever you want in your own house. I think it means we need clarification as to when this stuff goes live though. While these changes are not what I would call optimal if I were a lead designer, I'm not one, and I find these changes agreeable enough that I can enjoy the game again. /resub
//We have seen the argument of Skill vs. Gear throughout the existence of MMO PvP and we are of the opinion both are good for an RPG, falling on one side of the scale (gear has no purpose in PvP vs. gear is the only thing that matters in PvP) is not desirable.//